Best 3 Free Joomla Forum Extensions

Last Updated on December 25, 2020 by KWS Adams
Best joomla forum extensions
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Having the best extension installed in your CMS is the only way you can achieve your goals. And if you are building a Joomla forum site, definately you must have any of the 3 mentioned below. Be creating one from scratch or simply adding a forum on your already existing site, this article will guide you on how to do it and what you need to get started.

You must be knowing it well that Joomla is a free and open source content management system which is known to work best when it comes to creating websites, blogs, portals, etc in addition to other best content management systems for website development which exist.

When planning to create a free forum site with joomla or adding a it to your existing website as many do, the four extensions are a must.

4 joomla forum extensions

  • Kunena
  • ChronoForums
  • JForums
  • Ninjaboard.


Whether you are running a business or personal forum, this is the extension you must try out. Just like Joomla is a free and open source, the same applies to Kunena. It is free, simple and easy to start, manage and run either as an add on on your already existing site or as a full site of its own. This extension supports almost all Joomla versions and is freely available from the Joomla extensions directory.


This is a well search engine optimized and friendly extension which combines more than a single feature for example private messages sending, location tagging, comments tagging for articles, private message service, avatar powered user profiles, social networking integration for example Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other profiles, user name display and very many others which are all aimed at making your Forum the best.

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This is one of the best plugins to you if you want to create an informative Joomla forum. From notifications to messages, you are instant when it comes to getting what you want.


This is an extension which is known for offering an easy customization option when it comes to managing a Forum on your Joomla site. Ninjaboard allows you to set individual and personal profiles, customize dashboards, assign and create profile menus with avatars, add custom permissions and so anything other you may wish to on your Forum.

The next time you are planning to add or create a Joomla Forum, you might consider testing the above and which I am sure that you will find helpful.

Best 3 Free Joomla Forum Extensions

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