Brexit, UK, EU & It’s Impacts To Africa – What You Should Know

Bretix Bretix aka, the Referendum of the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union, is one of the trending talks not only around town – I mean where you are but also in very many other parts of the world. And while Bretix is for the United Kindgom, there have been a series of questions by the different parts both in the UK, Outside and in Africa for example where a question of Bretix impacts to the African continent is not known.

In this post, I have compiled for you some interesting information, which may be useful to you in case you take your time to read out this entire article. And yes, some of what you will be able to find out, which may be part of your questions may include but not limited to What impacts are likely to happen as a result of Bretix to Africa, the EU member states, Inside the UK itself and many others.

Being a whole world talk of the day, Bretix not only attracted debated on social media sites including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and lots of others, international news sites like BBC, CNN, DW News together with the different Africa local media channels had to write about this. Many have been said, debated and written but how about you? What is your say about Bretix? What impacts do you think this will have to Africa?

Trade, Agriculture and Immigration – If you read Uzo’s blog post “WHAT’S IN IT FOR AFRICA”, you will find out that the author pointed out some three possible impacts by Bretix to Africa. Additionally, development cooperation is one of the facts which may need to be looked at again. This is based on the former colonial past between Africa and Britain.

The Brexit for Africa debate rests largely on three issues, the trade distortions brought about by the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the ability of Britain to enter international trade agreements when outside the EU and a stop to migration preferences in favour of EU migrants over Commonwealth African migrants.

Financial market instability – According to Quartz, it is suspected that Africa’s largest economies are likely to suffer as a result of Bretix. For example, South Africa is already facing it out like many say, the currency, Nigeria is timed badly, Kenyan exports are likely to suffer, and very many others. See quote.

Many emerging market and frontier asset markets will come under pressure,” Razia Khan, chief economist for Africa for Standard Chartered Bank, tells Quartz. “Much will depend on how quickly some sort of financial market stability can be restored

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When I crossed over BuzzFeed, I found a dozen of answers about the different top 6 questions which many people are battling with to find answers. You might too find these as listed below very helpful and informative.

1. Will UK have a general election?
2. Will there be a second EU referendum before the UK actually leaves the European Union?
3. What’s article 50 and why does it matter?
4. Will Scotland have a second independence referendum now?
5. Is Jeremy Corbyn going to be ousted as leader of the Labour party?
6. Where is the British/French border now? Will the Calais deal survive Brexit?

Having a say about the above? Knowing a possible impact Bretix is likely to have on Africa? Or simply having a thought about the same you would wish to post here? Feel free to use the comment box and submit your commit. Any addition is highlight appreciated.

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