How to convert / exchange foreign drivers license into Uganda driving permit

renew driving permit This guide is on how to convert a foreign driving license into a Ugandan driving permit. This process which is also known as a drivers license exchange is common for people who are non Ugandans for example citizens of other countries which come to Uganda to do business and end up wanting to drive in course of doing their work.

If you fall in the above category, chances are that you will need to perform what is known as an exchange of your drivers license so you get the Ugandan driving permit which will allow you to drive on Ugandan roads. Please note that this procedure will require one to produce his country’s original drivers license since it has to be verified before it can be converted into a Ugandan driving permit.

One other thing to note is that foreigners are allowed to drive on Ugandan roads for a specified period of time for as long as they have valid driving permits and from countries whose permits can be used here just like it does happen for Ugandans who travel abroad for whatever purpose and end up wanting to drive.

In order for one to convert his or her drivers license into a Ugandan driving permit, one should follow the following below procedures.

Go to Kyambogo Face technologies for verification

Before getting started, one should go to Face Technologies Kyambogo and cross check if his or her native driving license can be converted into a Ugandan permit. Yes, this is free of charge and takes only a few minutes. Requirements include a Valid work permit, original native driving license, passport or clearance letter from OPM in case one is a refugee.

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Pay driving permit exchange fees

  1. Visit URA web portal and to eServices.
  2. Click payment registration and tick NTR box.
  3. Select Driving Permit Exchange and number of years and fill all other required information.
  4. Select the bank of choice, enter letters and submit form.
  5. Verify the input details and print the payment slip.
  6. Go to the selected bank and make a payment.

Download UCDP Medical form

A dully filled and stamped UCDP medical form by the doctor is mandatory more especially for new driving permits. Please follow this guide on how and where to download the UCDP medical form.

Attach and go to Kyambogo Face Technologies

Attach all the above documents including copies of the Valid work permit, original native driving license, passport or clearance letter from OPM in case one is a refugee and proceed to Kyambogo Face technologies so you can submit. You will be issued with a temporary driving permit upon payment of the required fees and you will be told when to go back and collect you UCDP permit. Read how to add another driving permit class in Uganda (permit extension).

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