How To See – View – Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages On Android or iPhone

Deleted whatsapp messages

Do you want to see, view or read those deleted Whatsapp messages on your Android or iPhone device? Follow the below instructions and get to know what the sender deleted before you read it.

Just like you are able to edit Whatsapp sent text messages instantly, the same applies to viewing Whatsapp deleted messages by the sender. Regardless of the reason the message sender deleted it, you will be able to access them once you follow the instructions in this guide.

Whether your device is Android like Samsung, Tecno, Infinix, Nokia, or iOS like iPhone Pro 11, iPhone 10, etc, you are able to see and read those deleted Whatsapp text messages, videos, and images.

How to See Deleted Whatsapp messages on Android

See Deleted Whatsapp Messages
  • Download and install Notisave app from the Google play store
  • Tap Open to Launch Notisave app
  • Grant Notisave phone notification access permissions
  • Tap Next and allow Notisave access permission
  • Wait for Notisave to fully load on your Android
  • Go to apps and turn on the Notisave app

Tap on the Notisave app and open it to view deleted messages every time someone sends you and deletes the message before you read them. Similarly, you can download and install the Notification History app from Google Play, set it up, and grant permission and you will be able to see all deleted Whatsapp messages from the person who does so on your Android smartphone device.

How to View Whatsapp deleted messages on iPhone

View whatsapp deleted messages
  • Uninstall Whatsapp and re-install it from Apple apps store
  • Log back into your Old account
  • Tap restore to restore all your messages
  • All deleted messages will be available for you to view

That is it, every time someone deletes a Whatsapp text, voice, or phone image message before you read them you can follow the instructions able to restore and view them as simple as that.

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