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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard  If you have ever been a victim of data loss, you can attest to the fact that data recovery is a complicated process. Sometimes, important data on your computer gets deleted or a hard drive failure or virus can cost you your data. What can you do then? Data recovery is a confusing process for many people. You can choose to hire a data recovery expert but those come at a hefty price. On the other hand, you can use free data recovery software to recover your data.

One of the best free software for data recovery is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. It can recover lost data from:

  • Accidental deletion
  • Data format
  • Lost partition
  • Virus attack
  • Memory card recovery

Features of the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

a)  Data recovery in many data loss situations

This software can recover data in any situation of data loss. Whether it is through a virus attack, operation system crush, corrupt hard disk or any other situation you can think of. Even when you accidentally delete data, the EaseUS software can recover your data in no time. The EaseUS free data recovery software is also useful for memory card recovery.

b)  Data preview

One of the best features of the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard software is that it allows you to preview data including audio and video files. As a result, the data recovery process is made much easier.

c)  Flexible scanning modes

The EaseUS gives you two options for data scanning: the Quick Scan and the Deep Scan. The Quick Scan uses basic algorithm to search for deleted files and folders while the Deep Scan does a sector by sector scanning.

d)  Fast and simple

With just 3 clicks, this EaseUS free data recovery software completes the whole data recovery process. You don’t even need experience to use it.

e)  Supported devices

The EaseUS free data recovery software supports many devices including PC/laptop, USB drive, external disk, digital camera, memory card , camcorder, music player, video player, zip drive and other storage devices.

It also supports file systems like FAT, exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5 and ext2/ext3. Last but not least, the software supports all types of documents, videos, audio, graphics, email files and many other files. You should not be worried about file support.

All you need is a CPU with at least ×86 CPU with a minimum RAM of 128MB.

Getting started with EaseUS free data recovery software

  1. Begin by launching the EaseUS data recovery wizard and then selecting the location win which you lost your data. This can either be the local disk drive or the connected devices.
  2. Click on “scan” to scan the location for lost data. The deep scan will begin after the quick scan and it will thoroughly scan the data.
  3. Preview the file and recover it

Data recovery no longer has to be such a hassle. It can get difficult but with the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, you are assured of an easy way in the recovery process. And remember, all these benefits are free!

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