How To Use Any Sim Card In Alcatel X602D Modem

Alcatel X602D usb modem

You can use any other SIM card of choice in the Alcatel X602D modem once you successfully unlock it. I just went through this wireless internet adaptor unlocking process and went back online within a few minutes while using a different sim card (Airtel network) from the default Orange provider.

If you are like how I was – assuming you bought an unlocked Alcatel X602D usb modem, chances are that this guide will be more than useful to you. Right from what you need to the entire unlocking process, this post will help you cover for as long as  you go through it all.

About the Alcatel X602D USB modem

This Alcatel X602D device is a wireless internet adaptor. With it, you are able to go direct to the internet by connecting it in your computer USB ports. Having an active network provider sim card makes the device access internet wirelessly thus saving you the hassles or cables and wires.

Also, this modem is compatible with Win 2000/XP/Vista/Win 7 which gives you freedom to use it in any of your preferred device. Besides, it is a plug and play which allows you to use anywhere and everywhere be home, office, on the go etc.

How to Unlock Alcatel X602D

Option 1: Using NCK Pro Dongle

NCK Pro Dongle is a total solution when it comes top unlocking. NCK Pro Dongle supports a wide range of mobile phones, smartphones and dongles including Alcatel. With its unlimited flashing and code calculation tool, it is a choice of options you must select.

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In order to unlock your Alcatel X602D modem, you will need to run the NCK software after plugging in the both dongles and the software will do the rest automatically. This option is my preferred way since it saves time and money. Also, the same NCK dongle can be used on many other devices thus bringing in for you commission just like it does on my side.

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Option 2: Using Free Online Modem Code Calculator

Using this free tool, you will be able to calculate a number of USB modem unlocking codes including ZTE, Huawei, Alcatel, etc. This code calculation tool is very simple to use once you access it online.

In order to unlock your modem, you will need to enter your dongle imei number, enter model and press calculate.You will instantly you will be given a code to use for lock removal.

The next time you think of using any other sim card in your usb dongle, you can try out the two above ways and enjoy unlimited browsing

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