Fabreasy 3 Options To Save Document As PDF

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With Fabreasy, you can be able to save documents as PDF from anywhere and any time. In today’s digital world, office activities such as placing an order, sending the invoice, payment of the bills is done online. The business has ushered a lot as many people log on the different sites for trading, shopping and marketing purposes. In such a scenario the internet has brought the people sitting millions of miles away, very close to each other.

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The major difficulty which people face when sending the official documents to their clients, customers and business associates is to maintain a standard letterhead, which contains the company’s logo, address, email ID, phone number etc. It is very important to maintain a standard pattern with the letterhead which speaks about the company’s profile. But since it is a world of technology, this problem has also been solved away with a latest invention.

By installing Fabreasy, people can send their print works with a standard letter head format; it is almost like sending a print job the printer which contains the letter head paper installed. It has an optimized PDF Creator option of letterhead template management, which has enabled creating any PDF document by using any application and which includes the digital letterhead template. The best part is the layout of the template is flexible, which allows instant changes online, at the users’ will. It means that the application uses the same letterhead template for all the documents.

It helped in overcoming problems like digitally sending invoice; reports and offers; as it was practically impossible to maintain and implement the same letterhead for all the applications. Besides, solving this problem, Fabreasy has helped in ensuring efficiency and speed in carrying out the day to day chores.

The Fabreasy has three useful options which helps in creating PDF files

The Office Ribbon – The Fabreasy office ribbon enabled the people to convert the document to PDF by a mere click of the button and helping the people to easily save documents as PDF. This will also help in attaching it to email, while using the company’s standard digital letterhead template from Word and Excel documents.

The Fabreasy PDF Creator (printer) – The Fabreasy PDF creator also helps in generating the similar results with the CRM software. After using it for the printing purpose, people can easily send an email by attaching the PDF document with it in a single click. This also means people can also edit their letterheads online; which means including changes regarding the bank account details by the editor and which is directly applicable to all the applications.

Fabreasy drag-and-drop – It helps in creating PDF files by drag-and-drop of the Office file or even the entire tree of folders.

These three options enabled people to have a direct output to folder, email or to the printer. For more details people may visit. You can too download, convert, create, drag and drop, turn documents, design, make and do more..

Amazing results can be attained by using the Fabreasy, which helped people to have their customizable digital letterhead which could be help in saving the document as a PDF by merely clicking at save documents as PDF. It has helped in sending the official documents elegantly with the organization letterhead. Hence, it has helped in ensuring online transactions and trading bringing lucrative gains for the company.

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Fabreasy 3 Options To Save Document As PDF

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