How To Grow Sorghum In Uganda And Profit Like Okwee

Many years back, I used to see people growing Sorghum, harvesting, using it in the production of some locally made drinks and also selling for cash. Being a cereal crop, Sorghum is well known for its health benefits, for example, containing cholesterol and glucose-lowering properties, and also used in brewing factories, etc.

Until today, growing Sorghum has uplifted very many people’s standards of living as a result of profiting from sales, and due to an ongoing demand not only for local usage but too by the different factories dealing in related products made out of this cereal for example UBL.

If you are wondering how you can get started with growing Sorghum, and whether you can indeed gain from its farming, reading Okwee’s story published in the Daily Monitor of Friday 30.10.2020 titled “Sorghum offers a better deal for Okwee”.

According to Okwee’s story, he has been able to educate children to University, managed to improve his private school business, bought more than 3 acres of land, increased family income, and also managed to create employment for hundreds of youths including men and women in his area.

Having a steady buyer for his Sorghum, and who pays in time, Okwee sales a Kilogram of Sorghum for Ugx 1,000/=. Just make a simple calculation of any number of harvested kilograms and multiply by what he sells. Do you the amount he profits per harvest?

Uganda, a country gifted by nature has fertile land which facilitates Sorghum to grow well without any hindrances. If you have enough land, you are ready to join this lucrative business and earn money just like how those in the fruit juice business do.

Best of all, the availability of Agriculture Advisory and coordination programs like NARO, NAADs, Agronomists, etc can help teach farmers how to boost productivity and provide varieties that are on demand.

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