How To Start A Poultry Farm In Uganda

The idea of raring birds such as chicken, turkeys, ducks, etc for meat or eggs is known as Poultry farming. Whether you are doing this for your own use, for example, to get eggs, and or doing it as a business where you sell out the chicken or eggs to others, it remains the same form of agriculture.

If you were wondering how to start a poultry farm in Uganda, this guide contains some of the information you need to get started. For as long as you are committed and determined, you are ready to join one of the best profitable businesses known for high returns on investment.

To start poultry farming, there are a few pre-requirements that should be available if you want to succeed, the same way it works for a fruit juice business. If you’ve been following agricultural TV programs like “Omulimi asinga” sponsored by New Vision together with their partners, you may have already realized what I am talking about.

Briefly, you need the following to get started in poultry farming

  • Piece of land for building the poultry house
  • Hiring some workers to do some farm duties
  • Money to buy all others including the chicks, medicines, etc

Starting a poultry farm in Uganda

  • Obtain some space (a piece of land)
  • Build the poultry house enough to accommodate the birds you bring in
  • Book the chicks from companies like Biyinzika, Ugachick, etc
  • Procure feeds for your chicks basing on their age and consumption rate
  • Bring in the chicks once you are ready
  • Look after the chicks as recommended by the experts

4 poultry farming factors to take note of

  • Poultry farming can be done on any piece of land. The difference is that for example, the size of your poultry house may limit you the number of chicks you will be in. Since space is important in this type of farming, having enough space is the best.
  • Procuring the best and quality variety of the chicks is required. When looking for where to buy chicks from, don’t just buy but rather, buy from those with a high rating when it comes to quality. Yes, there are hundreds of companies offering the same but you need to deal with the best one.
  • Having set-aside funds for making a required purchase for example chicken feeds, medicines, paying workers, etc is mandatory. This is because, without food and medicine, the chances of your chicks surviving and growing will be less. And since this is a business, you need capital to keep it moving.
  • You need to maintain records. Records keeping involving all expenditures right from day one to last day are crucial in this business. Records help you keep updated with how much you spend vs how much you bring in.

Now that you’ve seen what it takes, I am sure you are ready to get started with poultry farming. All you need is seeking help of a farming expert and join the profitable industry.

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