How To Host Your Custom Domain Emails Free With Microsoft Live/

Microsoft free email hosting Commonly known as Windows Live Custom Domain Email Address Hosting, Custom domain emails and many others, Microsoft has proved to be the best alternative to Google Free Gmail for Domain which was retired sometime back. It should be recalled that Google through its free application pack used to allow domain name owners to set up and host their emails for free on Google servers in addition to allowing up to 10 free custom email addresses and which really helped many small and starter businesses in fulfilling their email needs and requirements although to date, one is required to pay in order to get started.

If you are a domain owner facing email problems from your service provider, its not yet the time to give up since with the Free Windows Live ( Custom Domain Email hosting service, you will be able to set and host up to 50 email accounts and imagine with an unlimited storage as opposed to what you might be currently getting from your hosting provider. And no matter what your problem with regard to email is for example your current hosting IP address being blacklist by some providers like Gmail or any other, this tutorial will help you to get started and have your custom domains email address and imagine with an ability to be used through any Microsoft account support portal within only a few minutes provided you follow the simple steps below.

Getting Started

1. Before everything, you need to create a Microsoft account on any of their service for example Hotmail, Live, Outlook and any other and make sure that its working.

2. After, visit, click on the sign in link after which upon successful log in you are redirected back on the same page.

3. Now click on get started, enter your domain name for example and follow prompts.

4. Now log in to your domain registrar, go to domain management and enter the Microsoft details (copied from the option 3 above) MX (mail) and TXT (ownership) records in the corresponding boxes.

5. Then Click on verify on option 3 above and upon success verification that you are the owner and your MX records, you will be redirected to your domain panel.

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6. Now Select Add account under email, enter the account name (email user), enter the first and last name (optional), enter password, verify password, choose your option on whether you want to change password on first email account log in or not and save.

You can repeat step 6 above on adding new email account and or simply use the accept registration feature to enable others create emails on your website (requires additional configurations).

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