How To Make Money Parking Domain Names

Parking Domain Names is an activity which many find very easy to make money online and indeed it is. When it comes to earnings  Online, the internet is a place where you can find a whole lot of opportunities among which include earning through parked domains. Domain parking is one of the easiest ways when it comes to making one rip more since the process involves very few requirements and actions as compared to many other ways where you have to spend full days working and sometimes earning lower than those who spend most of their times sleeping while earning money from their parked domain names.

When I was first introduced to Domain Name parking by my late friend “May his soul rest in peace”, I never thought that such an idea was investing investing into by after receiving my first payment at the end of the month through PayPal, I came to know how the Idea was a great one for anyone out there who might happen to be looking for the different earning opportunities just like earning an extra income is what our main target is online. Domain name parking involves very less activities and does not require you to stay on a computer full time just like I mentioned of how the other online opportunities require, and nor does it require spending much.

What Exactly Is Domain Name Parking?

In brief, Domain name parking is when you decide to put Ads on your domain name as opposed to using it for content and or email services.

How To Earn Money Through Parking Domains?

In order to earn money through the above, you need to opt in with the different parking providers like Godaddy, Name-drive (my preferred choice), Sedo and many others out there where you create an account, add your domain names and point them to their names servers. What is required is a domain name which you have control over for example the one which you can show proof that you own it since you will be required to change your domain DNS settings to point to theirs and you will be done.

What Next After Adding your domain Name?

Upon completing the step above and when Ads have started showing on your domain name, all you need is to solicit traffic for it since the more the traffic, the more the chances of earning from your domain. You are paid whenever your visitors click on the Ads which are displayed.

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To make sure that you benefit more from domain parking, its is always a good idea when you park a domain name which has some good web or online reputation already. You can buy an already existing domain name from the flipping markets and or even but a new one and build external links for it both on sites and in search engines. Adding contents in the meantime is an added advantage since it helps ion getting both referral and direct visits.

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    Domain parking is wow. Nice post.

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