How to Paste Images From Clipboard to WordPress Editor

Paste Images From Clipboard to WordPress Editor: WordPress gutenberg examples

You can directly paste images from clipboard to WordPress editor without first saving them anywhere. If you’ve always wanted to copy images from any other site, or even in MS word on your computer and directly paste them into WordPress editor, this WordPress Gutenberg tutorial is for you.

I am personally using the same trick, and which I am enjoying since it helps me with both time and unnecessary downloads and uploads. The tool I am talking about works like Charm when it comes to pasting images from Clipboard to WordPress editor, and doesn’t require purchases and nor subscriptions as its completly free to use and for anyone.

If you haven’t switched to WordPress Gutenberg from Classic editor, better do that since you might be missing a lot. In fact, since WordPress CMS is free and open-source, the same goes for this inbuilt Gutenberg editor, the tool which works like magic when it comes to WordPress post-editing.

9 Reason to switch to Gutenberg Editor

  • Hassle-free editing experience
  • Destruction free writing
  • Switch between full, spotlight, and toolbar mode
  • Block for classic mode
  • Preview on mobile, table and desktop
  • Use code without fear
  • Create tables without installing additional plugins
  • Preview social share options
  • Copy and paste images
  • Lots more as shared on
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Paste Images From Clipboard to WordPress Editor

  • Log into WordPress website
  • Switch to Gutenberg editor
  • Click “Edit” or “create new” post
  • Right click and select copy on the image from anywhere
  • Press “CTRL+V” on your keyboard to paste image to location iof choice

You should see the progress of the image being uploaded to your post. Once the upload is completed, the image will show in a clear view than the faded view which occurs when an image is being uploaded. Double click on the image to customize the size, add alternative text and description as per choice.


Copy and paste images directly to the WordPress editor is very possible once you switch to Gutenberg editor. Since Gutenberg is the default editor for all the latest WordPress core versions, this should work for you easily if you take time and understand how exactly it works.

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