How To Prevent / Stop Blogger Blog From Auto Redirecting To Country Specific Domain tLDs

How To Prevent / Stop Blogger Blog From Auto Redirecting To Country Specific Domain tLDs Auto redirecting to Country Specific Domain tLDs is a feature which Blogger introduced so years back. And with this feature which is auto activated on all Blogger aka Blogspot blogs, different readers will view the same blog with a different top level domain name depending on the country where one is accessing the site from. And in this post, I am sharing with you on how you can get rid of this auto redirection, and how to prevent and stop your Blog from doing so.

And in order to get started when it comes to preventing or stopping blogger blogs from automatically redirecting to Country Specific Domain tLDs, you need to be the owner of the Blog, and or one with the admin access rights. And after, you should follow the following below procedures.

1. Log into your Blogger Blog and onto the Dashboard of the blog you want to stop this auto redirecting feature.
2. Scroll down and click on Template.
3. Hit on edit HTML and wait for the html code to load.
4. Using keys CTRL + F, press the combination and enter this word below

Now paste the script below.

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[code]<script type="text/javascript">
var blog=document.location.hostname.split(".");
var ncr=http://+blog[0]+"";

Now save your template file, and reload your Blog in visitor view or mode. You will instantly see everything in action.

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