How To Verify WordPress Free Hosted Blog/Website In Google Search Console [Webmasters Tools]

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Unlike WordPress self hosted blogs and websites which use the well known and generalized in Google Search Console or Webmasters tools verification, the free hosted version of Blogs is kind different. And that is the reason as to if you have been wondering for a way you can verify your blog or website easily in Google webmasters tools without receiving the error or meta tag not detected or found, then you should read this post.

A few days now past, I was given some task to create, develop and optimize a free hosted WordPress site for a client who paid me as requested but guess what, having not been using WordPress free sites for quite some time, I found a big problem when it came to ensuring that the blog was indexed and optimized in Google since that would mean easy access on every time my client posted something.

Every time I entered the URL of the blog in Google Search Console, it took me to the verification step. And every time I would chose my preferred verification method – of course the HTML meta, Gosh, I would see the error of Meta tag not found and yet I had added the TEXT/HTML widget containing the given code on the site.

Oh, I must have been asleep since every time I was saving, the widget would auto remove the Google Meta verification tag and which I never saw. But as a professional – many refer to me in that way and which I also believe believe basing on what I do and how I do it, I had to figure out a way and which is what I am sharing with you.

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How to add Google search console/webmasters WordPress verification HTML/Meta tag/code on your site

The entire process is very simple and easy for as long as you follow the simple procedures and steps below.

1. Start by adding your WordPress free hosted blog URL in Google under add site.
2. Get the HTML verification tag or code and copy it on your clipboard.
3. Now log in to your site and go to Tools in the Admin dashboard.
4. Click on available Tools and locate under Google Webmasters and paste the code.
5. Save and head on to Google page once again. Click verify and you will be done.

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How To Verify WordPress Free Hosted Blog/Website In Google Search Console [Webmasters Tools]

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