How to View All WiFi Passwords On Phone

WiFi Hack sgr5owSounds funny not so? Let me help you learn something new today. And if all goes well, I mean if you are a serious leaner, then you will say bye bye to buying data bundles or even internet packages since you will be well equipped with not only viewing but also making use of any WiFi password for as long as you have ever accessed it.

Like we all know, most WiFi points we access are usually protected. Sometimes we want to use the same for our secondary devices or even sharing with friends, which becomes impossible without knowing the exact password your devices used. This has happened to me a number of times since the client care at the service point asks for my device to input the WiFi password thus leaving me not knowing it.

Well, if you have been wondering the possibility of seeing those saved passwords (let me say all of them including those you have deleted from your mobile phone, then this guide and this tool (sorry, I call it tool since it has the capacity to solve the problem) – I mean the application.

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How to see all WiFi passwords stored on Android

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Step 1: Download WiFi key recovery.

Step 2: Install app on your mobile.

Step 3: Launch app and grant it SuperUser previlege.

Step 4: You will now view a list all WiFi networks you have ever connected to.

Step 5: Click your choice to copy and export.

e gradient fade:20,w 500Note: WiFi key recovery application requires root. This means that in order to make use of the application and access its benefits, you must have rooted your device. Read more about rooting and device warranty before attempting it.

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