How To Make Free Calls On MTN Without Airtime

mtn secret code for free call

You can make free calls on your MTN line without having airtime once you access this secret call code. By dialing the secret code on your phone with an MTN Uganda sim card, you can instantly connect to friends, family, and relatives like that.

This MTN secret code is not a hack, rather, it is a genuine code that allows you to call without airtime. This means that on your phone, you are able to enjoy unlimited free minutes depending on how many the secret code gives you.

Code To Call Without Airtime

141 is the MTN secret code that will give you any number of minutes depending on your choice. You only need to dial *141# on your phone to get started. The more you use your line for services like MoMo transactions, being active on the network, etc, your 141 MTN senkyu account will be credited just like that.

How To Call On MTN Without Airtime

  • Dial *141# OK
  • Select option 1 to use points
  • Choose option 1 for Minutes
  • Choose option 1 for all minutes or 2 to enter the number of minutes
  • Tap send

Wait for for the message notification containing the number of free calling minutes awarded to you and enjoy unlimited calls from your MTN Uganda line free.

Important to note

The MTN free minutes code is available to all MTN customers that enroll on the 141 Senkyu services. If you haven’t opted in for the service, you will first need to do so in order to get access to the feature. Opting in is free but your activity determines the number of points you will be awarded. It is the 141 points that are converted into minutes that allow you to make calls without airtime.

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