How To Network / Connect 2 Computers Using a USB Cable

How To Network / Link / Connect 2 Computers Using a USB Cable You asked me how to Connect 2 Computers using a USB cable, and I am answering all of you through this post. And yes, this tutorials takes you through the step by step guide on how to network, connect and or link 2 computers or more using a USB cable. This means that reading it entirely will help you know how to start, what to use, and how to use it as simple as that.

Setting up a simple home or office network is a “thing” many people love. This is due to the vital factors which such a connection or link may have for example, using a single internet connection, sharing files and folders, etc. But, the question many people ask themselves is on how to do this. And yes, that is why many of you my readers have what sapped me, emailed me, and too called me asking on how to do the above process on how to connect 2 computers using a USB cable.

In order to get started with such a link or to connect 2 computers using a USB cable, there are certain things you should have, and too should learn since without them, you can create a problem, and or be unsuccessful in your bit to do the simple office or home networking on your 2 computers.

Such things include a Male to Male USB cable which is also known as a Bridged USB cable. This is the one which is used to link or connect computers through the Universal Serial Bus. You can buy this using the linked, and or from your local or favorite store. And the price will differ depending on the manufacture, and where you are to buy.

How To Network / Link / Connect 2 Computers Using a USB Cable

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To create a connection, you simply need to insert the cable into the ports of your different computers, run the software assuming the cable isn’t a plug and play, and you are done. Like I said, different male to male cables will differ on how to install them as per manufacture.

Some may require you to chose a different use for example data transfer or network transfer during set up, while others are simply automated – serving all two purposes at once. You can consult your seller before paying on how you are to use them, and or simply follow the instructions guide which comes with the cable.

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