Uganda Visa On Arrival 2021

Last Updated on December 27, 2020 by KWS Adams

e-Visa UgandaIs it still possible to get a “Uganda VISA” on arrival at Entebbe Airport or any other entry port in 2020? Do “arrival VISA’s” still available in Uganda? The above and many other similar questions are part of those many people who want to travel to Uganda for their own reason ask themselves.

Yes, these are hot questions since having answers to them helps one to plan in advance before eventually travelling.In the recent past before the government went electronic, it was very possible for tourists and other travelers to obtain such in Uganda.

But ever since the electronic option came in, many people have shared difficulties and how the entire process turned hectic. Those who went through the situation recommended one to use the electronic online option than having to spent lots of time waiting at the back of Entebbe in the name of processing.

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While it may still exist, fact is that it is better to use the online option than waiting until you arrive at one of the entry points. Now that we are in 2020, I am very sure non of you the readers would want to spend those unknown number of hours in a line at the immigration office not so?

That is why applying online will save you the hassles since you are able to print the conformation and present a copy of their E-visa upon arrival at the airport or border entry point.


Uganda Visa On Arrival 2021

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