How To Use Multiple Keyboard Input Languages On Android

Multiple Android Keyboad input languages This tutorial is about how to use multiple keyboard input languages on any Android phone including Samsung, Tecno, iTel, Xperia and etc. If you have been wondering how you should add an additional input language of choice, switch from one language to another, or to simply have multiple languages installed and added on your Samsung android and etc, then this post is right for you.

Android mobile devices come with a default keyboard input language. Sometimes, the default language is not the one the end user uses, which calls for a need to select another language or even to download, install and activate another assuming it was not installed already. Arabs have Arabic as default, Africans mostly have English (US or UK) as activated or any other of choice like French for Rwandans, Swahili for Tanzanian’s and etc.

If by any chance you want to switch to another Android keyboard input language regardless of the Android Keyboard in use eg G-Board or the type of mobile including Samsung android, Tecno, iTel, Sony Xperia, Alcatel and etc, simply follow the following steps and procedures below.

How to use multiple keyboard input language Samsung Android

– Tap Apps and then Settings.
– Scroll to language and input.
– Look under keyboard and input preference.
– Tap active keyboard eg Samsung keyboard.
– Tap on multiple languages.
– Tap on add input languages.
– Agree to Samsung legal information.

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Select all languages of your choice, eg English, Portuguese, and any other of your choice and you will be done. Open typing box and see the languages you have selected in action. To restore default language, scroll down to Samsung keyboard and tap reset settings, then reset keyboard settings.

For all other smartphones including android Tecno, iTel, Sony Xperia, Alcatel and etc, the same option is available under Languages and input menu. You should follow the same procedures to active the language of your choice. To toggle between different languages as you type, simply long press the Space button and select the one of choice.

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