Best 33 Trusted Revenue Sharing Sites 2023

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This review is about the best 33+ highest-paying revenue sharing sites in 2023. If you really want to make money online and have been searching for trusted and legitimate websites which you can join and spend your valuable time while at the same time bringing in something, then this article is for you.

In the world of online money-making, there are a lot of sites that “claim” to help users earn money by doing what is offered. But many of them are simply scams and never fulfill what they claim to offer. For serious online money makers, this is your chance to know the best 33+ trusted revenue-sharing websites in 2023.

The best 8 trusted revenue sharing sites 2023

  • Crowdanswers
  • Askables

Forumcoin is currently my favorite and ranked number 1 among these three. Forumcoin allows users to create an account for free, ask and respond to different threads and earn points. Additionally, members can request to join the Article writers forum and earn more points. You are paid up to 150 points per article submitted.

Once you reach 500 points, you can request them to be exchanged into cash and you will be paid via PayPal. Forumcoin is legitimate and it takes only a few hours if not minutes for your earnings to land in your PayPal account.  500 FC is equal to $5.

Trust me, Digital Global is one of the best revenue-sharing sites I have ever found. So far it has paid me more than thrice and still paying. You are paid to answer questions, ask questions and also refer other members. You are paid once a month depending on the number of DG coins you have. See full Digital Global review here.

If you are looking for a paying Forum, then Beer money is worth joining why? You are paid whenever you want to. This site has paid me more than 4 times and you can check BMF payment proof and full review here. Also, you are paid to participate in the threads and also create them. The minimum payment is 1000 BF points.

Answeree is another earning site that pays members points for answering, coming, and asking questions. On the Answeree platform, everyone is welcome to join. The points earned can be exchanged for cash once you reach 3000 points. You earn up to 10 points for answering a question. You also earn per comment, reply, the question asked and etc. 3000 Answeree points is equal to $30. Moreover, joining is free. is a weight loss and healthy living earning site. You can withdraw from as low as $2. You are paid to answer and ask questions on the site. This is one of the newest sites in the same platform and so far members are joining. Why not be an early bird?

Quomons is a question-and-answer Google Adsense revenue share program website which allows members to add their Adsense code in the field provided and whenever a member receives an award or his or her answer is chosen as the best, the Adsense ads for that member will start displaying on that questions.


This is a new question-and-answer Adshare site supporting both Chitika and Google Adsense. A new member must reach some number of points after which he or she is allowed to Add Adsense and or Chitika Ad code for review. Upon the Ad code being reviewed, the ads will start showing the questions a member asks and those questions a member answers.


Askables is a bit confusing based on my own personal experience. It is known as a revenue-sharing site for questions, answers, content, and more but how exactly this site works remains for those maybe who stick to it forever but it’s worth trying out.

Top 27 Google Adsense / Non Adsense Revenue share sites


Update: Digital points global forum is nolonger working. Crowdanswers and Askables turned into market research companies and still offering those into surveys related tasks to earn.

If you are committed to earning and also believe in the fact that you can make it online, chances are that joining any of the above will help you fulfill your dream. It only requires you to join, post quality and increases your chances.

Blogger adsense revenue share cheat-sheet

If you are multiple writers on Google’s blogger, using this revenue sharing cheat-sheet code will allow you share earnings between all authors of your Blogger blog. Doing this is equivalent to starting your own Ad-share site similar to the ones above.

Instructions to start a blogger revenue share site

With this simple code you see below, you can add Ad codes of all your authors by way of editing and adding a line of another authors adds and below are the steps.

  • Request all authors to create new Ad units depending on the type you are to use for example 250 x 250 ad unit and any other.
  • Have all ad units parsed for compatability using this tool.
  • Log in to your Blog, choose templates and click on EDIT HTML.
  • Use commands CTRL + F, find the below code;
  • Add the code below just after the above code
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
<b:if cond=' == "author name 1"'>
Parsed adsense code here
<strong> &lt;/b:if&gt;

&lt;b:if cond=' == "author name 2"'&gt;
Parsed adsense code here

Points to Note:

  • The author name 1, author name 2 and others should be replaced by the real Blogger authors names as shown under every one post.
  • The parsed code here is where you should paste every authors “Adsense parsed code” corresponding to his or her author name.
  • In the code above are three authors and if you have many like 100 of them, just keep adding the same code below with unique author names till they are over.

Results of the code and formula above

Revenue sharing will be activated one settings are saved. Each author will have a single Ad code below his or her post titles or below the contents – check here on how to add Adsense Ads below Blogger post titles and below contents, which means that as the Blog Admin, you will be able to add your own Ads on other spots like side bars and others provided the number of Ad units stay as Google allows.

WordPress and Woocommerce profit share plugin

If you are running a WordPress powered blog and also have Woocommerce, sharing your ad earnings across the different authors and product owners is very simple and easy. Implimenting the below instructions means getting an additional earnings depending on the number of traffic.

Instructions to get started

  • Download and install Ad Inserter plugin.
  • Create “adsense ad units” and paste them into plugin.
  • Seperate each author ad unit code/s using the rotator seperator |rotate|
  • Save settings


On each view, a different “ad unit” will be loaded and corresponding author / product owner “ads: loaded. This means earnings for each individual author seperately and credited to their own accounts.

Best 33 Trusted Revenue Sharing Sites 2023

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