Do I Need A URA TIN Number As A Government Employee In Uganda?

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The question of whether one is required to have a URA TIN Number when he or she is a Government employee is one of those many people have emailed and asked me to answer. In short, the answer is YES, any one who is qualified to pay Government taxes is required to have a TIN Number.

The word TIN stands for Tax Identification Number, a number which identifies the tax payer. Government workers are subjected to paying taxes to the government whether in Uganda or any other country and which is deducted automatically but only when one has a unique number which identifies him or her among the many.

Therefore, just like it is in other countries, the same applies to Ugandan Government Workers where by its mandatory to have a TIN Number for tax payment purposes. And for you who have been emailing me asking about the same, this post serves as a response to your related questions.

How you should get your TIN Number as an employer is something you can consult from your Work heads since am of a view that heads have a way to mass register all of their employees and help them to get a TIN number.

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In case you are allowed to process it on your own (getting a Uganda Revenue Authority TIN on by yourself), then simply follow this free guide. But if you fail and possibly need some help, then you can contact +256752009001 for a paid TIN processing service.

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Do I Need A URA TIN Number As A Government Employee In Uganda?

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