Where is Gmail Load Basic HTML (For Slow Connections) Link?

Last Updated on November 16, 2023 by KWS Adams
Gmail Load Basic HTML

A few minutes back, I was very surprised to attempt logging into my Gmail account but noticed something missing. Since I use a slow connection, I was used to clicking the Load Basic HTML link, which looks no more. Instead, I noticed something different where the basic HTML link looks like it has been replaced with the new “If you’re having trouble loading, visit the Gmail help center” link.

Starting January 2024, this version of Gmail (Basic HTML Gmail) will no longer be supported, and you’ll automatically start using Standard Gmail. You are therefore advised to Switch to the latest Gmail version now.

About Gmail Load Basic HTML Link

The Google Gmail load basic HTML link was meant for slow network connections and users. When you access the Gmail login and enter your credentials, with a low connection the page would take longer to load whereas clicking on the basic HTML link would speed up the entered process using HTML. I personally; loved this since it would save me time to load, in addition to allowing me access to the old Gmail features which I am very used to.

Where is the Gmail Load Basic HTML For Slow Connections Link?

Gmail Basic

The direct browser link while logging in looks gone. Maybe it will be back in the next few hours or days, who knows. It is no longer there for users and seems to have been replaced with the help link which takes you to a Google help page about the type of browsers supported by Gmail email. This means that if your current connection was the cause of the slow connection prompt, it’s time to upgrade to the provider with the fast connection. Alternatively, you can try to change your browser, so it meets with Google requirements when it comes to support for Gmail. However, you can access the link directly here.

How to Switch from HTML to the Standard View of Gmail

  • Visit Gmail.com
  • Type in your login credentials
  • Click next to complete login
  • Click on Standard view once you are logged in
  • You will confirm between standard and HTML view.

In order to revert to HTML View, reload the Gmail page and wait for sign in to occur. You can alternatively click direct HTML access to force HTML view.

What Options Are Available For Slow Connection Users?

If you are like me, maybe you need to do a few things I have done in order to improve your connection. However, note that what has improved on my side may not necessarily be the same on your side since different factors may determine, ranging from a computer, RAM, browser, etc. Try these below;

  • Clear cookies and also wipe cache.
  • Load a few browser tabs
  • Clean your disk to free space
  • Switch to a different browser
  • Switch to a new internet provider
  • Or use this direct link to sign in to your Gmail Basic HTML for slow connections

Update: The Basic HTML link is back. You can access it directly when you attempt logging in. The help link which takes you to a Google help page about the type of browsers supported by Gmail email is again replaced with the basic HTML.

Final Word

If you know what Google Gmail load basic HTML feature helped, you must be going to miss it forever, assuming it is disappearing forever. Yes, this forced Standard view to me is in no way compared to the old option, since that was very easy to configure. But since it’s a rule and a change, we must follow it since we have no alternative. Follow the simple instructions to speed up your connection, so you aren’t left behind.

Where is Gmail Load Basic HTML (For Slow Connections) Link?

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