How To Amend Your URA TIN Registration Info

Performing a Uganda Revenue Authority Tax Payer Identification Number (TIN) is required in situations when there was an error during the first registration for example having used a wrong phone number or anything else.

The same Amendment process is used in cases of any other changes like Change or Name whether Personal or Business, Marital Status, Email contacts, Address and others which may be different from the ones you formerly used during the initial-tin-registration..

In such cases, one is required to do or perform a forced TIN amendment which is intended to make corrections and all necessary changes as per the Tax Payers wish. And in case you are looking forward to doing the above process, then this article will guide you from what you need to how its done.

Procedures To Follow For A TIN Info Amendment

1. Know what you want changed in your reg information.

2. Visit URA website and go to forms downloads.

3. Select Application for Amendment of registration information – Non Individual for Business TIN’s or;

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4. Select Individual for Personal TIN’s.

5. Download the forms, print them and fill them using a Pen basing on what you want to change.

6. Visit the URA branch where you registered your TIN initially and hand in the form.

7. Wait for a few minutes as will be told and your info will be changed.

You are done simple and your tax-payer-tin info is updated (amended).

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