How to Become a Jumia Rider in Uganda

Becoming a Jumia rider in Uganda is a sure way to profit unlimited. Riders are Jumia food delivery personnel tasked with the delivery of ordered goods from restaurants, supermarkets, shops, gas, water, etc available on the Jumia platform. As a rider, you only wait for orders as assigned by the system, and you are paid for orders delivered.

If you are tired of searching for unavailable jobs, and or simply want to switch from your current less paying job, this guide will take you through all the necessary steps required to join the lucrative business and profit from becoming a Jumia rider in Uganda. All you need to get started is to follow the instructions herein.

What is Jumia Food?

Jumia Food is a brand of Jumia Food is the most convenient online food ordering site which connects people with the best restaurants, grocery stores, supermarkets, shops and etc around them. Allowing anyone to make an order online and have it delivered to their doorstep surely makes Jumia the best service provider in regard.

How does Jumia Food work?

  • Launch Jumia app or visit
  • Browse restaurants, etc available around in your location
  • Select your orders and add them to the cart
  • Check out your order and have it confirmed
  • Wait for the delivery rider to deliver your order

What are Jumia food riders?

Jumia riders are ordered delivery agents (can be men or women) tasked with ensuring that client orders are delivered to their doorsteps. Such riders pick up orders from different points including restaurants, shops, supermarkets, etc, and deliver them to customers who place them online.

Benefits of riding with Jumia

  • You earn on every order delivered
  • You set your own schedule
  • Get exclusive access to prizes and rewards
  • Refer others and earn more money

How to become a Jumia rider in Uganda?

You can become a Jumia rider by filling in the signup form available on the become a Jumia delivery team page. By filling in the required information and clicking submit, you are a step next to becoming a Jumia delivery rider. You will enjoy all associated benefits once you have been approved.


Becoming a Jumia rider comes with lots of associated benefits. Besides making money, the business itself is lucrative. With the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have resorted to online ordering, and which means that such businesses like Jumia operating online are here to stay. Other than waiting when it is late, acting now will help you start profiting right away.

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