How To Create Comparison Tables In WordPress Posts

Comparison tables in wordpress posts Comparison tables are great and better not only for review sites but too for sites which tend to compare the different features of certain things. And yes, if you own a WordPress website and have been wondering on how to go about adding such comparison tables in your posts or pages, reading this post will show you how you can do it easily and fast without any hassles using a simple and free WordPress plugin which is known as WordPress Responsive CSS3 Pricing Tables.

In this post, you will also discover the different features of this WordPress Responsive CSS3 Pricing Tables great plugin (oh, you can take it as a review), and too learn how to easily create and manage your comparison tables in your posts. If you are still wondering how it all looks like when one talks of a comparison table, oh, takes a look at this review which is about and

About WordPress Responsive CSS3 Pricing Tables plugin [Features Review]

Oh yes, this is a free to use (available in the WordPress plugins repository) responsive pricing tables creation plugin which is authored by Real Web Care. This plugin runs on CSS3, thus meaning no JavaScript usage. Some of this comparison tables plugin features include but not limited to unlimited colors, Rows, Columns, being easy to use, customization, feature items, sortable columns, tick support, cross or X support, animations, all devices support, short code usage.

How to create Comparison tables in WordPress posts

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1. Begin by searching and downloading WRC Pricing Tables from the plugins directory.
2. Install and activate the plugin. You should see its menu in your Dashboard.
3. Click on All pricing tables and then on Add new table.
4. Enter Pricing Column Features name and output eg Text or checkbox.
5. You will add new feature by clicking on add new and Hit save feature when you are done.
6. Now click on Add / Edit column and add corresponding features as you want.

Save column when you are done, copy the Shortcode provided and paste it onto the post page you want the table to appear. You are done. Whether you were writing a review, comparing the different services or so, it will all be live and seen the best way you have chosen.

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