How To Directly Unzip WordPress On Host Servers

Uploading the entire WordPress Zipped folder and unzipping it directly from your hosting servers in your blog directory for example in the public_html folder is one of the easiest ways and alternative when it comes to setting up your website within a few minutes. In fact, you only upload the total WordPress content management system file size as its downloaded from the developers without any addition since it remains intact unlike when you first unzip it thus making it a bit bigger than by default for example, WordPress may have a total of 4.5MB by default, but when you unzip it, then it turns to around 11MBs and which is takes much time as compared to the 4.5Mbs when its uploading time.

Regardless of which upload option you may want to use for example a web-based file transfer service like NET2FTP and or a desktop-based file manager like FileZilla, reading this entire tutorial will help you learn how you can manage to upload and unzip your WordPress software onto your servers in order to save the hassles of having to unzip and then uploading just like many do when its that time to upload website and blogs using the different CMS among which is WordPress and if you are one of those, below is how to get started.


Before getting started, you will need to be with the following with you.

1. WordPress CMS.

2. FTP software like FileZilla

3. Archiver software like WinRAR

4. Website FTP log in details which you can get from your host.

5. WordPress Server Unzip

Procedures For Uploading And Extracting All WordPress Files Directly On Your Host Servers Directory

1. Unzip and extract the WordPress folder and then open it to view all files.

2. Launch the WinRAR software, click and open your extracted WordPress folder to view all files.

3. Select all files in the WordPress folder using the CTRL + V and click on Add in the WinRAR interface.

4. Enter your file name for example wp under the Archive name, select ZIP under archive format and click on OK to create new archive.

5. Now launch your FTP program, enter your log in credentials like Host, account name, password and log in.

6. Navigate to the directory where your site is located for example public_html folder and upload your newly archived folder for example the wp folder.

7. Now visit, download WordPress Server Unzip file, unzip it, open folder and upload the unzip.php file in the same location where you uploaded your archived folder for WordPress files. Make sure to change the unzip.php file permissions to 777 from 644 or any other.

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8. Now visit your website using a web browser and click on unzip.php to run it or simply visit

9. On the new interface, click on your archived WordPress folder in order for it to be automatically unzipped where by you will be shown the total number of files unzipped and their total MBs.

10. Now go back to your FTP manager, delete the WordPress archive folder you uploaded for example the wp folder and too delete the unzip.php file.

Your website should be up and running where by what you will be left with is to launch installation by adding your database and others.

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