How To Revive A Cancelled Driving Permit In Uganda

URA Driving Permit

Previously, grace period after expiry of driving permit in Uganda was set at 2 years. This meant that immediately after those two years, one will lose all driving experience including all classes, and having to begin completely fresh in order to get back on the road.

If you are reading this, I am sure you arrived here wanting to know the possibility of reviving your terminated driving permit in Uganda. If you didn’t, a lot has changed, and so to the previous ministry of Works Kyambogo Face technologies restrictions with regard to expired driving permits.

In this article, you will discover how to easily recover your expired URA driving permit previously taken as cancelled, renew it and get back on the road with all classes assuming you had more than one.

Instructions to renew the cancelled driving permit

  • Pay for General receipt or testing fees
  • Take a fresh driving testing at IOV
  • Pay for driving permit renewal fees
  • Proceed to Face Technologies and pay
  • Wait for a few minutes and your permit will be issued

Pay for General receipt

You will be required to pay for testing fees as indicated on the charges sheet. Once you are done at your bank of choice, you will be given a payment receipt corresponding with the details of the generated PRN. This you will attach with other documents and proceed to IOV for testing.

Take a fresh driving testing at IOV

A fresh driving test at the inspectorate of vehicles Naguru and other IOV offices is mandatory. This is intended to confirm whether you still know how to drive after taking such a long time which lead to cancellation of your permit.

At the IOV, you must present your original and a copy of the expired driving permit, a photocopy of your national ID, the testing fees receipt, a passport photo (in case it is required), a newspaper advert in cases of lost permits, and a driving certificate attained from any driving school corresponding with the tested class or classes of vehicles. You will book and see how to take the test.

Pay for driving permit renewal fees

Once you are done with testing and approved, you will be required to pay for driving permit renewal fees, attach all paperwork from IOV and proceed to Face technologies.

Proceed to Face Technologies and pay

At Face technologies, you will be requested to present all of the above including the bank payment receipt or PRN and your renewal will be processed within a few minutes of waiting, or as told by staff, and your permit will be issued

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