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Let me introduce to you, an online shop creation service anyone would want to try out, and at the same time also share with you how to link or use your own custom domain name on your created store. If you never knew, this service allows you to create an online stop instantly thus giving you the power to sell whatever you want be digital or tangible products to your clients.’s service, your shop is readily available instantly which means that you can start selling whatever. Just like other non-paid services, FWS you a store as a sub-domain on their main URL for example This means that visitors of your store will see that sub-domain exactly like you see it.

The good side of is the fact that you are allowed to use your own custom domain name as a member besides the ability to add up to 30 products. And do you know what this means? For those who have their own already registered domain names, you can instantly use that domain on your store thus making it unique since its a custom domain… And who wouldn’t want to appear unique?

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In this tutorial, I am sharing with you can go about setting up or call it linking or mapping your domain on your Free-web-store shop. All you need is to follow the simple procedures as shared below.

How to map custom domain to Freewebstore shop

Custom domain name setup
  • Login to store control via
  • Click “Marketing” and then on “Domain name”.
  • Click “Add Domain name” and enter your “domain URL”.
  • Log in to your “Domain registrar” and go to “DNS”.
Add custom shop domain
  • Change A Record to IP “” (can be another IP) with @ under host
  • Change CName to with www under host
  • Click “Attach domain name” and save settings and wait until propagation occurs.
Domain registrar cpanel

Your Freewebstore is now live on your custom domain name once you get a notification of successful attachment.

Please note that you should only have one A record under your registrar and so to the CName. Adding more than that will mess up everything and your site might not be accessible on the new domain name.

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