How To Instantly Update / Register New MTN, Airtel, Africell, UTL, K2, Smart Telecom, Smile, Uganda SIM Card Registration Data By SMS, Text, MMI Code or Online By Yourself

Last Updated on June 1, 2022 by KWS Adams
Instantly Update SIM Card Registration

This is a tutorial on how to instantly update or register your SIM Card registration data in Uganda before the set deadline. With the Uganda communication commission set deadline for Uganda mobile network SIM Card to be fully registered, and updated with national ID details and data of respective owners, which is 20th/April/2017, different people connected to the different networks including MTN, Airtel, Africell, UTL, K2, Smart telecom, Mango, Smile and all others share to have been caught up in very very tough situation.

This is because of the fact that come 20th/April/2017, all SIM cards which would not have been fully updated with owners national identity card data will be cut off not until they register. It should be noted that when this issue of registering SIM Cards in Uganda was first brought up, people were allowed to do registrations with any identity card by UCC, since national IDs were not yet in place.

Since then, a series of things have happened including people selling pre-registered SIM Cards, and which have been seen as a security gap basing on the many incidents which have happened for example, the recent killings and assassinations in the country. In response to public calls, the Uganda government through UCC, the communications body issued a directive of having all network service providers update customer / subscriber registration data with that of their national identity cards, now that many people have them.

If you are connected to any of the GSM / Mobile / Data network service providers in Uganda including including MTN, Airtel, Africell, UTL, Mango, K2 Telecom, Smile and etc, reading this guide will help you learn how to instantly register / update your new or existing SIM Card with your national ID registration information or data using either SMS, MMI Code or even online by yourself. And below are the procedures to follow.

Updating / Registering SIM Cards by SMS / Text Message

According to the text message I recieved early this morning, Airtel Uganda seems to have taken this ahead of others. As a subscriber, you can register your Airtel line by Text message and instantly. All you have to do is to type your NIN follewed by your SURNAME and followed by your GIVEN / OTHER Name eg CMX353637373 KWS ADAMS, and sending to 197. For other networks, I will update here on how to do by text. There is no form filling involved.

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Updating / Registering SIM Cards by MMI Code

MMI codes are those numbers we dial on our mobile phones usually starting with * and ending with # eg *197# and etc. Like it has been since the introduction of SIM Card registration where we were required to dial *197# and YES or OK, this has remained but with some small change. There is no form filling involved. In order to update or register your national ID data, follow the procedures below.

– MTN Uganda – Dial *197# and YES. Select 1 to check status, 2 to Add new NIN info and 3 to Edit NIN data.
– Airtel Uganda – Dial *197# and YES. Select 1 to check status and 2 to Add new NIN info.
– Africell Uganda – Will update soon
– K2 Telecom – Will update soon
– Mango / UTL – Will update soon
– Smile Telecom – Will update soon
– Smart Telecom – Will update soon

Updating / Registering SIM Cards Using Whatsapp

Uganda telecom has an Instant whatsapp number you can use to register your Mango or UTL sim cards. Read more here and follow prompts.

Updating / Registering SIM Cards Online

– Airtel-Uganda – Visit airtel sim card registraion portal and follow guide.
– MTN-Uganda – Visit value added services sim registration portal and follow prompts.
– Africell-Uganda – Visit the Africell easy register portal and get started.
– Uganda-Telecom – Visit the Mango sim portal and follow prompts to do to.

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How To Instantly Update / Register New MTN, Airtel, Africell, UTL, K2, Smart Telecom, Smile, Uganda SIM Card Registration Data By SMS, Text, MMI Code or Online By Yourself

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