Top 4 Alternative Content And Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites

Here are the top 3 sites like Hubpages where you write content and get paid in form of Adsense revenue share. If you are looking for article writing jobs, this article is for you.

Hubpages is a content-based Adsense revenue-sharing website where content creators can create an account, and write and publish articles of their choice in different categories. Depending on one’s niche, Hubpages allows one to earn more every time an approved article is viewed in form of revenue sharing.

If you are looking for the best Hubpages alternative site regardless of the reason you have, this simple post will help you to discover sites to that you can try, write, and get paid from the Philippines, Kenya, Uganda, etc. Remember, getting the best alternative whether for essay writing jobs allows you to even earn better than the hub.

4 Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites like

  • – Xomba is an AdSense revenue-sharing site for writers that allows you to create a free account, post articles, and link your Google Adsense account, and start earning unlimited.
  • – Infobarrel is a Hubpages alternative that allows you to create a free account and publish articles of your choice. You can link your Google Adsense and earn a revenue share from your content.
  • – Snipsly is a content and Google Adsense revenue-sharing website that you join for free, link your Adsense account, write quality content and earn unlimited just like that.
  • Medium.comMedium is well known for its revenue sharing program where publishers earn real money for writing stories and other content. Readers pay to read and thus allowing content creators to earn.


As of 2024, Xomba, Infobarrel and Snipsly are nolonger revenue sharing platforms. The domains if any still exists is for something else as opposed to content sharing platforms.

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