Understanding Uganda Police Express Penalty Tickets, Fee Charges, URA Payable Amount, Offenses..

Uganda Ploce traffic ticket In Uganda, there are situations when when caught, you will be issued an Express Traffic ticket falling in the category of offense you have committed. The Traffic police officer will issue you a penalty ticket which you are supposed to pay at the bank of Choice after processing a URA payment registration number PRN), or be taken to courts of law, and or both.

Yes, such situations occur to many drivers out there including some passengers. But the issue is on how to know the kind of offense you have done and how to ensure that what you are charged with is what exactly you deserve. In this article, I am sharing with you the updated traffic tickets and offenses including how much you are supposed to pay, which bank you can go and make a payment and how to go about processing your Uganda revenue authority payment registration number to pay your police express ticket.

1 – 33(1) (<1) Using or permitting use on the road, a motor vehicle, trailer or engineering plant without any insurance law for that use 40,000/=

2 – 33 (1) (8) Using or permitting use on the road, a motor vehicle, trailer or engineering plant whose registration plate or licence is obscured or indistinguishable 40,000/=

3 – 35(1) Driving without a valid driving permit 100,000/=

4 – 35(3) Permitting driving without a valid driving permit 100,000/=

5 – 37(7) (C) Permitting a person not enrolled as a student in a driving school to drive a motor cycle, motor car, dual purpose vehicle or trailer 100,000/=

6- 104(2) Using goods vehicle on a road in a manner which makes it a danger to other road users 200,000/=

7 – 105(1) (a) Using a motor vehicle for the carriage of passengers or goods for hire or reward when it is not licenced to do so 100,000/=

8 – 105(1) (b) Using a vehicle operators licence in breach of the licence issued ‘ 200,000/=

9 – 107(1) Using a motor vehicle which is not in a good condition on a road 60,000/=

10 – 111 Driving a motor vehicle , trailer or engineering plant on a road under the influence of alcohol 200,000/=

11 – 119 Careless or inconsiderate use of motor vehicle 100,000/=

12 – 12t)(a) Driving in excess of the prescribed speed 200,000/=

13 – 123(4) Failing to give right of way to authorised emergency vehicles 100,000/=

14 – 124(1) Failing to stop at a railway level crossing 40,000/=

15- 127(1) Carrying more than one person in addition to the driver, on a motor cycle. Carrying a person on a seat not securely fixed to a motor cycle 100,000/=

16 – 128(2) Carrying of passengers on a motor vehicle, trailer or engineering plant in such numbers or in such position as to be likely to interfere with safe driving 100,000/=

17 – 165(1)(a) In respect of a motor vehicle, trailer or engineering plant, obstructing a road or waiting, or Qeing left packed or being loaded or unloaded in a road 100,000/=

18 – Reg.3(1) of S.l so or 2004 Riding a motor cycle without a valid driving permit 40,000/=

19 – Reg.3(2) of s.| so of 2004 Riding a motor cycle without wearing a crash helmet on the head 40,000/=

20 – Reg.3(3) of S.l 32 or 2004 Driver in a vehicle not wearing a safety belt 80,000/=

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21 – Reg.3(3) of s.| 32 or 2004 Passenger in a vehicle not wearing a safety belt 20,000/=

22 – Reg.3 and 5 of S.l 99 Of 2004 Using hand held mobile telephone while driving a motor vehicle 100,000/=

23 – Reg.1O(1) of S.l11 Of 2012 Using of motor vehicle without reflectors and/or warning signs 100,000/=

24 – Reg.16(13) of S.l 40 Of 2012 Driving a public service vehicle without a valid drivers badge and a certiļ¬cate of compliance 200,000/=

25 – Reg.11(8) of s.| 29 or 2010 Using a motor vehicle for instructing learner drivers without a valid certificate of fitness 200,000/=

26 – Reg.7 Failure to pay the prescribed penalty within the stipulated 28 days shall attract a surcharge of 50% of the prescribed amount of penalty 50%*

Now that you know the above offenses right? The next step is to process your URA PRN. Select a bank of your Choice and make a payment. Then take the ticket to the police station with the payment receipt and pick up your Driving permit if you had left it with them..

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