20+ Top Rated Free Joomla SEO/Metadata Plugins/Modules/Extensions/Components You Can Use

Joomla Plugins, Components, Modules Yes, this article is all about the 20+ top rated Joomla Search engine optimization and Metadata plugins, extensions, modules and components you can use on your site for better optimization and high ranking results. You asked me to share about it and I have responded. Read it all and find out.

If you know or use Joomla, then you should be knowing what I mean when I talk of SEO. Being one of the world’s most used content management system, the fact remains that not all users know the tweaks and tips for using it and a reason I am answering and responding to all of your queries with regard to what I personally think as being the top rated plugins you will ever get.

My rankings are supported with the Extensions Score themselves as seen in their directory. Whether you are suffering from less traffic, no views, duplicate meta descriptions and or any other but for as long as you are using Joomla, just keep reading for the best you have been looking for.

List of The 20+ Joomla Modules, plugins, components and extensions you should try out

1. SEOSimple – Extracts words from the body of your content and adds them as the description. Has a trust score of 100%.
2. JTag MetaSEO – It automatically extracts and adds Meta-descriptions and keywords at the end of your articles.
3. TagMeta – Best for titles and meta-tags. Supports v2.5 and 3+.
4. Meta-tags Wizard – It does it automatically. Its the new version of the old Metagenerator.
5. Missing Tags-and-Meta – Lists all posts without meta-tags and helps fill them automatically.

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6. JAutoMeta – It automatically generates description and keywords from contents. Supports
7. MetaTag4Net – Allows you set custom descriptions and keywords and is based on W3C Validity.
8. Almond Structured Articles – Is based on Schema.org and is automated.
9. Easy Frontend SEO – Also known as EFSEO, its helps you control both automatically and manually. Supports v2.5, 3.
10. Simple Facebook-Meta – Automatically adds Facebook meta-tags in your content head.

11. Turn Off Meta-Keywords – You can turn them on or off in your Joomla header.
12. SEO-Boss – It has more than a single tool when it comes to Search engine optimization.
13. Automatic Backlinks – Helps you rank your site higher by doing the Exchange of quality back links.
14. Easy Keyword Sitemap – Creates Semantic sitemaps basing on your categories. You can submit them to engines.
Others include JA Multilingual, Ultimate site tools and many more you can always find on their extensions directory.

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