Fix For Firefox Extensions Shortcut Not Showing In Toolbar

firefox add-on not showing in toolbar extensions

Here is a quick fix for Firefox extension shortcuts not showing in the browser toolbar. By following these simple instructions below, you are ready to restore and access your favorite firefox add-ons with a single pin click right within your browser.

If suddenly your Firefox browser goes messy to the extent of hiding your favorite extensions for example, the video downloadhelper, adblock, ublock origin, twitch, VPN, 1password, or tampermonkey add-on, you need not worry if you can’t find them provided they are installed and activated.

The same happened to me in the past but I was able to re-pin my Firefox extension shortcuts easily. For as long as the add-on remains installed in your browser, you can restore it from where it’s hidden and pin t back to where you want to see it.

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How to PIN Firefox extension shortcuts to the browser toolbar

  • Launch Firefox browser
  • Look out for the Extension icon
  • Left-click on the Icon
  • Click the Settings Icon next to the extension e.g. Hoxx VPN
  • Click on Pin to the toolbar

That is all. The pinned extension will now be visible in your browser. You can repeat the same step to all other add-ons you want to pin and enjoy a better browsing experience.

11 Must have Firefox browser extensions for 2023

Firefox browser extensions
  • Video Downloadhelper
  • uBlock origin
  • Hoxx VPN Proxy
  • Notifier for Gmail
  • 1Password – Password Manager
  • Grammarly
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • User-Agent Switcher and Manager
  • Tampermonkey
  • Twitch™ Adblock Plus
  • Dashlane app

Adding any of the above in your Firefox browser will allow you to enjoy more than browsing. For example, Grammarly provides real-time writing suggestions while in Gmail, on Google Docs, and on social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, etc including WordPress-powered websites.

Simply download, activate, and pin your best and be ready to go. Remember, most of the above are free-to-use open-source add-ons that will make your browsing experience a better one.

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