How To Apply For A Personal/Business TIN Number In Tanzania Online

The issuing of TIN Numbers (Tax Identification Number) in Tanzania whether for personal (Individual) or Non-Individual (Businesses, Companies, Organizations and others) is the work of the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA), a government institution which was established by an Act of Parliament in 1995 with a sole aim of carrying out all the Central Government tax related functions in addition to administering everything with regard just like it is in other countries for example Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) for Kenya, Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) for Uganda and others.

The Tanzania Revenue Authority also handles things tasks related to Motor Vehicle Registrations, Motor Cycle Registrations, Driving License issuing, Value Added Tax services, Custom and many others including the Tax Identification Number (TIN Number) issuing. A Tax Identification Number is very useful when it comes to competing most of the government Tax related duties by the stake holder and is a must to have if at all one is involved in most of the acts related to doing business for example the importation and exportation of Goods and Services.

In this article, you will discover how to easily apply for and acquire a TIN Number whether for personal or Business purposes and below are the steps involved.

1. Visit the Tanzania Revenue Authority Website

2. Click on Register for TIN Number under the Do it Online category.

3. Select the YES option to confirm that you are a fist time registration or NO for returning registrants.

4. Tick the Box corresponding to the category you fall under for example a Sole Proprietor / Individual or Business and click on Continue.

5. Select your activity (why you require a TIN Number) for example for Motor Vehicle Registration, Driver License, Business, Investment, Property Rates or any other of your choice and hit Continue.

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6. You should now start entering your personal details for example;

  • Taxpayer PIN Number if available.
  • Your title.
  • First Name.
  • Middle Name.
  • Surname.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Postal Address.
  • P.O. Box/ S.L.P.
  • Postal Office

And press continue. Follow all the remaining prompts and you will be done. It is very simple and easy to register and or apply for your TIN Number in Tanzania.

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