How To Get Bancore Free Instant Prepaid Cards

Last Updated on June 25, 2022 by KWS Adams
How To Get An Instant Free Visa/Master Prepaid Virtual/Plastic Credit Card Through Bancore

Update 2022: Bancore is a way of unlocking the money movement in Africa. Bancore has rebranded its website and services aimed at offering free instant prepaid cards both Virtual and plastic VISA/MasterCard, instantaneous settlement of transactions from/to anywhere in the world at max 2% total cost, and offering instant and secure mobile payment of bills and services. In order to get the Bancore Virtual card, visit to get started.

When it comes to Free Instant Prepaid Cards, Bancore is one of those providers that has continued to create its name in the same field. When the hunt for such VCC is going on, our readers are busy solving their issues related to this.

When a friend of mine was looking for a credit card to have his PayPal and MoneyBookers (Skrill) accounts verified, he landed on Bancore and shared with me the entire process right from creating an account to verifying it and funding his cards.

That is why I myself decided to share my findings with you so that you could too make use of the same free Bancore services in your bid to secure that plastic and Virtual-Credit-Cards whether Visa or MasterCard. Below are the steps and procedures you should follow to get your instant VCC. Follow this guide to Fund/Load your Bancore-free-VCC.

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1. Begin by pointing your web browser to Bancore and wait for the registration page to load (the splash looks like a page).
2. Hit the get Free Visa link aka sign up, type in your local mobile phone number or any other like landlines, and click on the call me icon.

3. When you receive the call, you will be required to key in your preferred 4-digit number, which will be your PIN when logging in (This is done when the phone call is still active.
4. If you successfully input the provided numbers, your phone call will be automatically ended and you will be required to sign in using your Provided phone number and PIN as your password.

Your account will be created and you can instantly see your VCC numbers right away. For other options, check out the OKPay and EntroPay free-instant-virtual-credit-card guides. In order to apply for a Plastic-card, you will simply follow the procedures located in your account.

How To Get Bancore Free Instant Prepaid Cards

5 thoughts on “How To Get Bancore Free Instant Prepaid Cards

  1. oh ok
    But apart from that, which of them is free and safe?
    i only want one to verify my PayPal account
    Thats all
    No transactions or whatsoever
    Please help out
    I would be most grateful

  2. hi there
    awesome post
    but I tried singing up for bancore and I just couldn’t
    United Kingdom is the default selected country with +44 at the start where you’re told to provide your number
    changing both country and number hasn’t worked and its very frustrating.
    please help
    I have some cash on PayPal and I need withdrawal ASAP

    1. Looks like you didn’t try out all. When I purchased the Amazon eBook, it had vital info by then (and hopeful till date) which helped me verify MyPayPal. You can go for that option as well if you wish

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