How To Stop/Remove PC/Browser Popups, Infections & Redirects

When your Computer browser whether Firefox, Internet Explore, Google Chrome and others gets infected, some of the malfunctions they develop include unwanted and forceful automatic popups, automatic re-directions and many others which occur as a result of an infection. And since computer users happen to visit very many different internet sites and web addresses, not all of them are safe and as a result, dangerous cookies, malwares, spywares and others are injected automatically in ones browser and which leads to the above shortly, instantly and or in the long run.

What I am sharing is something I came to know when my browser was attacked some time back after presumably visiting a site which wasn’t trusted and I ended up picking the malicious code or virus or even a Trojan as you may call it thus making me experience what I can refer to as one of my hardest times while surfing the internet. What happened was that without clicking or using my computer mouse, everything would look normal but the moment I moved and clicked the cursor in any location, that’s when a good number of popups and re-directions auto started would make me fail to do anything else other than turning off my machine not until I spent time using a friends PC and searched for the possible solution as in how I would get rid of the infections which had been passed onto my machine.

If you are one of those who share your computer either with other users who connect to the different internet and web pages, and or by way of using other removable devices and drives like an external hard drive or a flash disk, then you must be read this since in one way or another, you have so many chances of going through the same situation I went through and which is a very bad experience more especially if you your computer to do one or more every minute, hour or day tasks for example those who make money off the internet, the bloggers or other computer task related operators.

And for the above, I will share with you below how you can get rid of your browser popups, re-directions, infections and in general all viruses, Trojans, worms, malwares, spywares and others which are known in being a computer killer and below are the suggestions you should try out.

Deleting Your Browser Cookies And Cache

Since browsers are known to store cookies and the fact that some infections are injected into your computer automatically by way of inserting dangerous cookies, you need to make sure that your browser is free from them so that if the problem has originated from them, it should be solved once you delete them.

Uninstalling Your Most Recent Installed PC Programs

Sometimes, viruses, horses, Trojans and any other are hidden in programs which we download from the internet and or from other sources. In case your computer/browser begun malfunctioning after installing a specific program you might have downloaded from a non trusted vendor, you must remove it and see if the problem gets solved. At least that am sure since it has ever happened to me when I was performing a free VPN connection using a free software I got from the net.

Perform A Full PC Virus Scan

In order to scan your computer, you will need to have an active anti-virus program and which is updated. You can use a paid version of the AV since for they tend to be more secure than the free ones which expire after the trial period. A full PC scan can help to detect and delete any possible infection in your computer which might have been the cause of the malfunction.

Use Malwarebytes

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Malwarebytes is both a free and pro Anti-Malware software which many praise for being great when it comes to tracing and removing all possible worms, rootkits, dialers, trojans, , spyware, rogues and other malwares from your PC and browser.

Installing A Fresh Copy Of Your Operating System

Sometimes, many PC users end up failing to completely get rid of and or remove all malware and virus related threats in their machines with the only option remaining being to do a re-installing of their operating system. However, this should only be used as a last resort after trying all of the above since it has many risks involved for example data loss in case you had not securely backed up everything.

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