How To Generate Free Custom Favicon With Dynamic Drive

Last Updated on August 27, 2022 by KWS Adams
Dynamic drive free favicon generator

Dynamic Drive is a very powerful tool when it comes to generating free custom favicon images. Using their online tool, you are able to create limitless .ico images which allows you turn your blog professional. If you know Google’s blogger aka blogspot, I am sure you’ve got a hint already.

Also known as a URL icon, a website icon, a blog icon, etc, generating a customized favicon image using dynamic drive will allow you override the default image provided by most providers for example Blogger, WordPress, Joomla, etc, thus giving your site a complete new look both to search engine and humans.

The whole idea on how to create a free custom favicon image using your preferred image may seem complicated, yet it being very simple in real sense. Following the right procedures and instructions shared below, you are able to create your free favicon ico image using Dynamic drive.

How to generate favicon using Dynamic drive

  • Get the image of you want to make a favicon from
  • Visit
  • Click on browse and select your image under the “Image to create icon from”
  • Click on generate Icon.
  • Save the created favicon icon file

Done. The next thing is uploading your generated .ico image to your blog. In order to upload your image, you should follow instructions depending on the platform you are using.

Adding a favicon to blogger powered blog

  • Log in to your Blogger Blog dashboard
  • Navigate to layout.
  • Click on Edit on Favicon
  • Select your saved favicon file
  • Save settings.

Adding a favicon to wordpress powered site

  • Log in to your WordPress Blog
  • Navigate to appearance.
  • Click on your Theme options
  • Click to add your favicon file
  • Select and upload saved file
  • Save settings.

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How To Generate Free Custom Favicon With Dynamic Drive

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