How To Declare Stamp Duty Instrument In Uganda

Declare stamp duty income tax UgandaTo declare a stamp duty instrument in Uganda, it all begins online at the URA web portal. Whether you are removing a motor vehicle caveat, a land title caveat, securing a bar code for statutory declaration, affidavit in support of motion while processing for an Absentee transfer, this guide will take you through all steps.

As the world continues to suffer the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, lots of stuff have changed from the way we used to do, or have them done, and so to declaring of stamp duty instrument with Uganda Revenue Authority.

When I finally made it into URA Tower ground offices, my eyes landed on a label that contained Stamp duty-related help. I happily lined up of course following the COVID guide, and after a few minutes arrived at the counter where I thought I would present my documents and have the instrument declared.

I was wrong, things didn’t work as I had expected after the office lady told how I had to declare first, and only come back for barcoding. She told me that I had to visit the website and declare, something which left me wondering how exactly I was to do it. It is when I recalled that I could be helped at the URA Town branch which is located at DTB opposite Entebbe road.

I quickly moved out of the URA Tower building, requested a SafeBoda rider and after a few minutes, I had arrived at the Kampala road-based office. But guess what, the queue I found inside gave me the go-ahead to try and do the declaration myself as I had been advised.

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And shortly, I was back at my Kampala downtown-based office and right onto my computer, and on the URA page. After a few minutes, I had declared my instrument and both the instrument and payment form were right in my hands. If you are reading this because you are stuck, kindly stop worrying since the entire process of doing this is very simple and easy, if you follow the guide below.

How to declare stamp duty instrument on the URA portal

  • Visit
  • Click “eServices”
  • Scroll down to “Declaration of the instrument” under “Stamp duty”
  • Enter the “Applicant details” by filling, or simply enter TIN Number for autofill.
  • Select the “Type of instrument” from the dropdown list under details.

Click “Next” and continue filling the form including the third parties if any, and the number of copies in addition to the Original. Click next and print your “Instrument form” and the bank payment slip. Go to the bank and make a payment, attach the receipt together with the Caveat release letter if you are removing a caveat, and proceed to URA Tower or URA DTB office and get your bar code, or follow this guide to print the issued certicate online by yourself..


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